it luggage Accent 8 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase Review

Lightweight it luggage Suitcase Review

For frequent travelers, finding sturdy lightweight luggage at an affordable price is hard. Besides, it becomes more challenging when you see the multiple sizes with limitless styles and various price ranges to compare. As a result, you fail to research well and end up buying fragile luggage!

That is why, to help you pick the right suitcase that is durable, lightweight, easy to carry and budget-friendly, I find out it luggage after interviewing some of my friends.

it luggage is an innovative but lesser-known brand from the UK, which has a loyal fan-base all over the world.

What makes their customer so loyal?

We will reveal from this Accent 8 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase review. Let’s dive into the details.

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it luggage comes with many distinctive features that make them unique from the competitors. The following are the core features.

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  • Lightweight
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According to it luggage, they offer the world’s lightweight suitcase. Their lightest carryon weighs 3.92 lbs, while other brands offer more than 5 lbs carry on, which is heavy considering to the it luggage’s accent 8 wheel super lightweight.

With the it luggage, you can pack all the essentials without exceeding the most airline’s weight limit.

  • Flat packing interior

Unlike other brands, it luggage does not put pipes in the middle of the storage area, which gives you a spacious space and keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

So, you don’t need to go through rolling your clothes. With the flat packing interior design, you can easily put your heavy cable knit sweater. Besides, you don’t need to put much effort into organizing the clothes as you will always have an extra space when you flat pack your luggage.

  • Wide comfort handle

Wide expandable handles make their look more unique. Besides, you can carry comfortably with the easy grip on the handle. Handles are wider than an average suitcase, which means you have more controls on it, and you can grab the handle anywhere you want within the grip or outside the grip.

Despite being wider, the handles are lighter, too, so that you don’t have to put extra pressure on your wrist while grabbing.

  • Tough fiberglass structure

Fiberglass structure is made with fiber-reinforced plastic, which comes from glass fiber. The procedure makes the surface strong and built to last. Furthermore, you will feel it as stronger as metal and, at the same time, lightweight too.

  • 8 Wheels

8 wheels give you easy maneuverability even when you are running at the airports or hotels or on the road. Moreover, the more wheel your luggage has, the less strength needed to control. As a result, you won’t feel the pressure on your wrist and joints while maneuvering on the floor.

  • Roomy
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Accent 8 Wheel comes in 3 sizes, and all of them have enough space to pack your stuff. As we have mentioned earlier, there are no metal pipes through the middle of the compartment, and you can have and extra space than other traditional suitcases.

  • Carry on

Carry on handle let you carry effortlessly if you have less stuff regardless of the luggage size as they are lightweight.

  • Dimension and weight

The large one is sized 32.1 x 18.7 x 10.2 inches, and weight is 5.78 lbs. The medium ones are 5.11 lbs and come in 28″ X 16.7″ X 9.1″ inches size. And, the carry on is 22″ X 15.4″ X 7.5″ inches, which weighs 3.92 lbs.

The features we have mentioned above will favor you with some benefits. The following are the key pros of it luggage Accent 8 Wheel.


  • It comes in 3 different sizes, 23-inch, 72 cm and 82 cm. So, you can pick your size according to your requirement.
  • Accent 8 Wheel is budget friendly. When you compare their price with other brands, you will find this affordable.
  • Another good thing is that you can pick from four different colors.
  • All of the sizes have a unisex design. Besides, colors are also giving you the opportunity to pick according to your gender.
  • It is durable, and you can use it for years as they are made with strong fiberglass.
  • The telescoping handle gives you’re the ultimate style.
  • Spacious front pocket will let you put all the daily essentials so that you don’t need to open the suitcase all the time.
  • Option to put an external lock.


  • Since it doesn’t have a steel frame, you have to keep an eye, as it may tip forward if you put much stuff.
  • The handle may feel shorter to someone.

Likewise, Accent 8 Wheel has a few minor drawbacks that should not be a problem while using it. These downsides, which differ from person to person, should not be a problem for all.

Why should you buy this?

The lightweight makes the moving around is much easier along with its 8 wheels feature. If you are a frequent traveler and have issues with carrying heavy luggage, Accent 8 Wheel will comfort you. Besides, the design and super lightweight would definitely give you access to those extra pounds at the airport so that you will not need to throw some stuff or left out at home or hotel.

I have mentioned earlier about their loyal fan base. Whoever buys it luggage once, they have become a fan for forever or a few decades. It is because of the quality, lightweight and designs. I have found thousands of happy users in different websites and forums, and almost all the user recommends Accent 8 Wheel Super Lightweight Suitcase. You can check by yourself too. However, most of them recommend the large one, as well as a 3-piece set as buying together, becomes cheaper.


Everyone has their own preference in choosing the right luggage for them. So, if you carry a lot of stuff for weeks or even months, you can buy the large one, which lets you carry many items in its spacious compartment.

On the other hand, if you are on a business or official trip for a week, the medium ones will come in handy. The carryon is best for a day trip or a few days.

Now, it’s your call.

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