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Sweden is one of the sweetest countries in Europe. It has fantastic landscapes with natural beauty. Most Swedish people are educated, and most of them speak English. It’s also a very charming place for travelers to discover the secret of nature. Also, Swedish history and culture are more enriched than many European countries.

Sweden’s Top 5 Winter Hotspots Revealed [Source: Social Barometer: they choose these 5 best places to visit in Sweden]

You might hear the name of Saab and Volvo cars. They are a world-famous Swedish automobile manufacturer. Like that, there are many beautiful places in Sweden where anyone can spend a good time and creating a sweet memory with his/her favorite one. Every year, the survey company [PE Technology & Architecture] analyzes and chooses some of the best cities and places depending on several different perspectives. In this year, 2023 [Updated], 4,600 responses were received from residents in the 12 largest cities in Sweden. This study has been called the Samhällsbarometer or the Society Barometer. On the basis of the Samhällsbarometer 2023 and the practical experience of 10,000 visitors, we have chosen the five best places to visit in Sweden this coming winter season.

Malmo – 1st best place to visit this winter

Among the three major Swedish cities, Malmö ranks best in this year’s edition of the social barometer. The city is the fourth most well-planned and sustainable among Sweden’s twelve largest cities. Malmö’s population grew by the whole 15 percent over the last decade. Given how the high population growth burdened by the city’s infrastructure, it is an achievement that Malmö has managed to keep its residents happy. Something extra interesting about Malmö is that has not been a focus on cars being able to get around but that people should be able to do that. It is no coincidence that the inhabitants are delighted with the accessibility by bike, on foot and in public transport.

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Malmo - First Best Places to Visit in Sweden in winter
Malmo (Sweden)

4 reasons to choose Malmo:

  • A medieval historic city
  • Sweden’s third-largest city
  • Old Town (Gamla Stoden)
  • Multicultural city

Top 5 tourist attractions in Malmo:

  • Oresund Bridge
  • Turning Torso
  • Lilla Torg
  • Malmöhus Castle
  • Moderna Museet (Museum of Modernism)

5 Best things you can do in Malmo:

  • Enjoy Malmö’s green spaces
  • Stop for fika
  • Score some bargains while vintage shopping
  • Take in some modern architecture
  • Dine at Town Hall

Aside from all of that, here are some of the main reasons why have to choose Malmo:

  1. Festive Atmosphere: Malmö comes alive during winter with its Christmas markets, holiday decorations, and ice-skating rinks. The streets are lit up with colorful lights, and there are plenty of events and activities for the whole family to enjoy.
  2. Cozy Cafes and Restaurants: The city has a vibrant food scene with various restaurants and cafes serving delicious food and drinks. In the winter, many of these places offer cozy seating and warm drinks to help visitors warm up from the cold.
  3. Cultural Attractions: Malmö is home to a number of museums, galleries, and theaters that offer a range of cultural experiences. From the Malmö Art Museum to the Malmö

Stockholm – the all-time best place in Sweden

In this year’s edition of Samhällsbarometern, Stockholm ranks ninth among the 12 largest cities in Sweden. Like every other Stockholmer, 52 percent believe capital is well-planned and sustainable. But there are only three lower-ranking cities-Uppsala, Västerås and Gothenburg. But we choose them second because it is still trendy among tourists, and it is the capital of Sweden and the largest city in Scandinavia.

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Stockholm - the all time best place in Sweden
Stockholm (Sweden)

4 reasons to choose Stockholm:

  • founded in the 13th century
  • where annual Nobel Prizes are awarded
  • beautiful old churches
  • urban sophistication

Top 6 tourist attractions in Stockholm:

  • Gamla Stan (Old Town)
  • Vasa Museum
  • Skansen Open-Air Museum
  • The Royal Palace (Sveriges Kungahus)
  • Royal National City Park
  • Östermalm

5 Best things you can do in Stockholm:

  • Sail across the 30,000-island archipelago
  • Open-air club Trädgården
  • Sunbathe at Hornstulls Strand
  • Subterranean games mecca Ugglan
  • Challenge yourself at the Swedish History Museum

Helsingborg – the most attractive place in Sweden with tropical environments 

According to its inhabitants, Sweden’s most beautiful city is located in northwestern Skåne. As many as 85 percent of the inhabitants of Helsingborg state that they think the city is amazing. But it’s not just the city’s aesthetics that satisfy 57 percent of the population and thus put themselves in the fifth position in the Social Barometer. The city of Helsingborg has restaurants on the waterfront, remnants of ancient buildings and paved streets. The locals always greet you with a smile as you walk through the streets, along with the splendid architecture in the city.

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Helsingborg - most attractive place in Sweden with tropical environments 
Helsingborg (Sweden)

4 reasons to choose Helsingborg:

  • well-looked-after coastal city
  • synthesized tropical environments
  • one of the oldest cities
  • An oceanic climate

Top 8 tourist attractions in Helsingborg:

  • Fredriksdal
  • Kärnan
  • Tropikariet
  • Sankta Maria Kyrka
  • Tura
  • Ramlösa Brunnspark
  • Gröningen
  • Museum of Failure

5 Best things you can do in Helsingborg:

  • living like a local – V Hotell Viking is a pleasant night rest choice.
  • eat fresh seafood
  • Take the tour of the middle of Bara Vara
  • Visit a Parisian-inspired café -Étoile
  • walkways of Gröningen

Jönköping – Jerusalem of Sweden

Jönköping is a city on the rise. The city’s population has grown over eleven percent since 2010, and it has become a better place to live in the last decade. The holiest city in Sweden is Jönköping-only for the largest number of churches in the area. It’s also the sweetest spot for travelers. A lot of people called it the Jerusalem of Sweden.

Jönköping - Jerusalem of Sweden
Jönköping University

4 reasons to choose Jönköping:

  • Jönköping is a well-planned city
  • Jönköping is one of the few cities where the inhabitants have given their city the highest rating in the category of urban planning.
  • The safest city in Sweden

Top 5 tourist attractions in Jönköping:

  • Matchstick Museum
  • Jönköping Stadspark
  • Sofiakyrkan
  • Kristine Kyrka
  • Visingsö

5 Best things you can do in Jönköping:

  • Go for sweetest dishes on – Harrys Jonkoping, Pescadores & Aqua Dinner & Drinks
  • Don’t miss – Brooklyn Burger Express, Pizzeria Prima
  • Tandsticksmuseet
  • Stadsparken
  • Husqvarna museum

Uppsala – must visit for tourists place in Sweden

Sweden’s fourth largest city, Uppsala, has had a large population growth in the last decade. At the same time, only just over a third are satisfied with how the city has developed during the same period. Among Sweden’s twelve largest cities, Uppsala is the worst city at replacing old houses and neighborhoods with something better. But this classical old house is one of the major attractions for travelers.

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Uppsala - must visit for tourists place in Sweden
Uppsala (Sweden)

4 reasons to choose Uppsala:

  • religious center of Sweden
  • largest cathedral in Scandinavia
  • a city of bicycles
  • historic old town

Top 6 tourist attractions in Uppsala:

  • Uppsala Cathedral
  • Uppsala University
  • Uppsala Castle
  • Gamla Uppsala
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Bror Hjorths House

5 Best things you can do in Uppsala:

  • Uppsala City Photo Walk
  • Viking tour by Urban
  • fun at Fyrishov Water Park
  • loose at the Peter No-Tail Park
  • visit Botanical Garden

This isn’t the end. Sweden is filled with thousands of areas to visit. We will write a descriptive overview of more places in the next few days.

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