30 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2024 – What Should You Not Miss in LA?






Hey, welcome on your trip to California’s largest city! You must be very excited to visit the West’s iconic city, where the Santa Monica Mountains, Pacific surf, and much more are waiting to say you ‘Hi!’.

However, being the largest city, you may get confused about which places are the must-go options for you. Well, that’s not a problem at all. In this article, I will tell you about the top 30 places to visit in Los Angeles, which will hopefully help you a lot with the trip.

So, without chitchats, let’s dive into the relevant point………

What’s to See in LA- 30 Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2024

We are starting with a must-see place in Los Angeles. So, what will you get from Pacific Park? You will need to pay $0 to enter Pacific Park. It has 12 rides, including the world’s only and first solar-powered ride, Ferris Wheel. You will see the mind-blowing view of the Pacific Ocean while riding the Ferris Wheel. And we recommend you get this ride at sunset.

Pacific Park - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Pacific Park

Moreover, you will get a lot of thrill rides. And the rides are divided for individuals- children, families, roller coasters, and many attractions. Pacific Park has appeared in hundreds of movies and TV shows (e.g. Hannah Montana, Fat Albert, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno).

Read More about Pacific Park here:

Pacific Park the best place to visit in Los Angeles in 2023

If you leave LA without visiting Disneyland, that will be unfair. This is a mandatory day trip no matter what your age is. This is a two-theme park (Disney California Adventure and Disneyland Park), and Downtown Disney, the outdoor shopping area, links both. Besides, there are three luxurious hotels you will fall in love with. However, Disneyland Park is the original theme park, and Disney California Adventure is based on the culture and history of the culture and history of California.

Disneyland Resort - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Disneyland Resort

It is something like ‘to kill two birds with one stone’. The creator of Venice canals in LA recreated a feel and appearance of Venice, Italy. Although the beautiful waterways were built in 1905, they became outmoded in 1920. Over the next few years, the waterways were allowed to fall into disrepair.

However, in the 1990s, the canals were renewed, forming a fantastic, desirable residential neighbourhood. You will find it near Venice Beach, so try to go for the beautiful waterside strolls, spot ducklings in the water (in the summer), and cross charming little footbridges.

Venice Canals - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Venice Canals

Let’s dive into the best spots the Golden State has to offer!? Read: 44 best places to visit in California

Do you know what the world’s most famous and oldest Hollywood film studios are?

Yes, it is nothing but Universal Studios Hollywood. Basically, it is both a film studio and a theme park.

This studio gets updated each year to stay the current version. There are numerous attractions you will fall in love with. Such as-

  • Studio tour- Tram ride
  • The Simpsons ride-motion simulator
  • Dreamworks Theater- Film
  • Special effects stage- Live show
  • Super silly fun land and

Many more…

So, how enchanting are the attractions? Incredible, right? Wait, it’s not the end!
Something special called ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ includes a motion simulator and a friendly roller coaster ride. A tip for you is to try to come on school holidays or weekends if you do not like crowds.

Universal Studios Hollywood- Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Universal Studios Hollywood

The ‘Hollywood’ was created in 1923 and spelt in 45 feet-tall, white, capital letters. The interesting part is that it was created for a real estate development advertisement and is planned to last for 18 months. Because of the increasing recognition, that sign was left up. A non-profit organization named ‘The Hollywood Sign Trust’ keeps protecting and promoting the sign. It will be fun if you hike at Griffith Park or stop at ‘Lake Hollywood Park’ to look up at the sign.

Hollywood Sign- Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Hollywood Sign

6. The Getty Center

The Getty Center is famous for its views overlooking Los Angeles, architecture, and gardens. The main branch of Getty Center is located in Brentwood, LA. The main branch of this museum features mind-blowing things you will never want to miss. It features European paintings, sculptures, illuminated manuscripts, decorative arts, and drawings of the pre-20th century. A multidimensional attraction of the Getty Center is the link of its owner’s car park by a hover train.

So, if you don’t want to miss the ever-changing beauty of Central Garden, the knockout views and the outdoor sculptures, the Cactus Garden, and many more attractions, then spend some time visiting the Getty Center.

The Getty Center - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
The Getty Center

If you did not know the largest art museum in the Western United States, then LACMA is! You will find awesome, mind-bending, vast collections in this museum. The huge collections in a nutshell- Modern art & contemporary art, American & Latin American art, Asian art, Roman & Greek art, Islamic art, Decorative arts & design, and many more.  See? What else do you expect from a museum? Moreover, there was a branch of plans to make the campus more uniform with a giant building design as of 2019. The approximate opening date was set for 2024.

LACMA- Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2024
LACMA- Los Angeles County Museum of Art

8. California Science Center

Meet the largest hands-on science centre on the West Coast.

You may have heard about the Space Shuttle Endeavour, which participated in 25 NASA missions from 1992-2011. So, why is it mentioned here? In 2012, it rolled through the LA streets from Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center.

California Science Center - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
California Science Center

You will meet at the IMAX theatre at the left of the entrance to the California Science Center. Once you enter the science centre, there are a lot of amazing exhibitions that you will surely love. Current exhibits are ecosystems, the creative world, the world of life, robotic spacecraft, and so on.

9. Rodeo Drive

Although all major western cities have a street developed with flagship luxury emporia by brands like Cartier, Gucci, and Luis Vuitton, Rodeo Drive is something special.

Rodeo Drive - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Rodeo Drive

This is a palm-lined street of 3.2km in length. You will find more than 100 hotels and stores comprising its 3 spectacular blocks within the Golden Triangle. Caution! You may become lost in the charm and splendor of the street!

Beverly Wilshire (a four-seasons hotel), Two Rodeo Drive (European-style shopping center), Rodeo Drive Walk of Style (you can walk among your favorite fashion icons), Anderton court (Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural project) are some of the can’t-miss options if you visit Rodeo Drive.

10. Zuma Beach

Zuma beach is one of Los Angeles County, California’s most popular and largest beaches. Beach lovers are big fans of Zuma Beach because of its excellent surf and wide sands. It is 1.8 miles in length.

Zuma Beach - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Zuma Beach

Some of the facilities you will get from this beach are- Beach Volleyball Courts, bodysurfing, fishing, kiteboarding, surfing, walkway, windsurfing, etc. Another attraction is if you visit Zuma Beach anytime between January to April, you can watch the gray whales make the long migration using their calves.

11. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall is the base of the Los Angeles Master Chorale and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It is funded by the Disney family as a contribution to Los Angeles’s culture.

Walt Disney Concert Hall - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Walt Disney Concert Hall

The twisted structure of the Walt Disney Concert Hall has a covering of Douglas fir and Oak. Worth mentioning, you will find a giant concert organ that you have never seen before. The period from October to June is the main season for the Los Angeles Philharmonic. After that, they are used to moving to the Hollywood Bowl for the summer.

Moreover, you can spend Monday-Saturday for an audio-guided tour (which may take an hour) that is narrated by John Lithgow.

12. Dodger Stadium

What is the largest stadium by seating capacity? What is the oldest stadium in the west of the Mississippi?

Dodger Stadium - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Dodger Stadium

The answer to both of the questions is Dodger Stadium. Moreover, it is the third-oldest baseball stadium in MLB. You will get to see the views of the city to the south, the San Gabriel Mountain afar the outfield pavilions, and Elysian Park’s ever-green tree-lined hills. This means the stadium offers you to enjoy a 360-degree view. Also, it overlooks Downtown LA.

Besides, if you go for one of the 90-minute tours at 10:00, 11:00, or 13.00, you can have an amazing journey to the inside looks of the stadium.

13. Pacific Coast Highway

Try not to leave LA without having a drive on the Pacific Coast Highway. It is one of the most scenic driveways in the world. It starts from California’s northern border to San Diego.

Pacific Coast Highway - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Pacific Coast Highway

Guess how many hours the route takes to complete at a relaxed pace without stopping by anywhere? It’s for around 10 hours. Yes, during a long journey over 1000km, you can see seaside villages, stunning coastal views, untouched forests, and many more eye-soothing views.

And what if you feel hungry? Well, you will get endless seafood-oriented places where you can stop for a meal enjoying the amazing views.

14. Santa Monica State Beach

Santa Monica State Beach is located in Santa Monica, alongside the Pacific Coast Highway.

Santa Monica State Beach - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Santa Monica State Beach

Very few beaches in LA will offer you both bike trails, huge expanses of beach, and activities like these.

Why you should not miss visiting this beach-

The 3.5 miles long beach is maintained and soft sandy; you will find it is within walking distance to famous restaurants, shops, and hotels; it also will offer you a branch of attractions and activities.

Moreover, Santa Monica Beach is divided into two sections. One is north of the pier; another is south of the pier. And the middle of the beach is called Santa Monica Pier, which has an aquarium, an amusement park, and restaurants.

So, show me one reason not to visit here!

15. The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

The Huntington in San Marino, LA, is one of the great research libraries in the world. The most amazing thing is this library holds more than 9 million items that are from the 1000s-21th century.

Visitors love the huge collections of the Huntington Library that include European art, American art, Acquisitions, and whatnot!

Moreover, you will find the 120 acres of the library is full of luxuriant botanical gardens that are rich in living collections of bonsai, orchids, camellias, and cycads. You also can wander through a desert garden, a subtropical garden, a Chinese garden, and a Japanese garden.

However, do not forget to check out the trove of sculptures, paintings, and decorative arts at the art gallery of Huntington.

16. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame, you may guess what it is about by hearing the name. Basically, you can see 16 fictional characters with stars on the pavement, including directors, musicians, actors, and theatrical and musical groups.

Hollywood Walk of Fame - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Hollywood Walk of Fame

So, ultimately, the majority of the stars are dedicated to the people in the film industry. Worth mentioning, the stars are permanent public monuments and are made of terrazzo and brass.

Also, special category stars recognize special honorees, service organizations, and contributions by corporate entities. For the clearance, the star of Tom Bradley (former LA mayor) displays the seal of the city of LA.

So, try to visit this traditional place; you won’t regret it!

17. Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is a winding road with two-lane, and this is in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains. It was plotted in 1974 and named after the pioneering LA civil engineer who aided in building LA’s water infrastructure.

Mulholland Drive is featured in a lot of novels, songs, and movies. Even a film was directed that was named after Mulholland Drive. And, the director David Lynch said that anyone could feel the history of Hollywood on this drive.

So, start your day by having a long drive to Mulholland Drive. It will be so thrilling that you may not imagine it. But remember to go slow because you’ll need to deal with several blind turns.

18. Live Comedy

When You have stepped into the city of the movies & television industries, why would you come back without enjoying live comedy?

LA has a giant comedy community that anyone from anyone will fall in love with. Think of a night when you are in one of the best comedy clubs in LA, and your favorite someone is hosting the show. Sounds enticing? Then, don’t miss it!

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best comedy clubs in LA- Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory, The Virgil, Comedy Store, etc.

19. The Broad

A contemporary art museum called The Broad houses around 2,000-piece collections. It was financed by philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad and was opened next to the ‘Walt Disney Concert Hall.’

The unique, cube-shaped design of The Broad was designed by the architecture firm Renfro and Diller Scofidio.

The board is giant and has mind-blowing collections from the mid-20th century to the present (photography, contemporary painting, & photography).

20. Runyon Canyon Park

This 160-acre park is the place where Hollywood stars are used to taking their walks because the Hollywood Hills are perfect for hiking.

You will find five ways to enter into Runyon Canyon Park and three routes to hike from the fuller gate. Also, there is a piece of public artwork called the Rock Mandala.

Try to visit this place when the sky is clear (in winter or spring).

21. OUE Skyspace

Do you want to have thrilling and breathtaking 360-degree views of the Los Angeles skyline? If it is yes, then this 310-meter U.S. bank tower is an option.

And, what more? This building is the 2nd tallest in LA and the 5th tallest in the U.S. No matter what your type of celebration is; it is a great choice to have a holiday party, corporate event, wedding ceremony, or just check your fear of heights.

In 2016, OUE skyspace opened on the 70th floor, having a restaurant above the 71st floor.

22. Farmers Market

The farmers market is located in the Fairfax district, LA. If you are a foodie, you will find yourself here.

What you may get here are the most amazingly prepared food stalls and huge shopping amenities. Groceries, fruit, and vegetable stalls, spicy food courts, and whatnot.

You will find yourself perplexed when it comes to choosing between pizza, gumbo, sushi, gyros, barbecue, and many more.

23. Grauman’s Chinese Theater

It is a movie palace on the Hollywood Walk of Frames and is also known as TCL Chinese theater.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Grauman’s Chinese Theater

This was the very first commercial movie theater to have to air-condition. It started selling concessions in 1930.

You will get to see around 200 Hollywood celebrity handprints, autographs, and footprints of the theater’s forecourt. Moreover, it is one of the largest theatres in North America that came with the IMAX screen.

24. Petersen Automotive Museum

This is one of the largest automotive museums in the world. It is a non-profit organization that specializes in automobile history and other linked educational programs.

Petersen Automotive Museum - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Petersen Automotive Museum

You will see over 100 vehicles displayed in the museum’s 25 galleries. However, half of this huge collection is kept in a vault that is in the basement of the building.

Also, there are special displays (e.g., motorcycles, racing, hot rods) on the industry floor.

25. Sunset Boulevard

This 35km long boulevard extends from the pacific coast highway. And it is in the central and western parts of LA.

Sunset Boulevard - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Sunset Boulevard

Especially Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is loved because of its active nightlife. This means it has a neon glare, bright billboards, also a place where you can stop for dining ( to drink and catch live music).

Another worth-mentioning part is ‘Guitar Row’. The name tells itself is about guitar stores and music-related businesses.

26. Third Street Promenade

Third Street Promenade was initially opened as the Santa Monica Mall in 1965. Now, it is a complete package of shopping, entertaining, and dining in the downtown area of Santa Monica.

If we start talking about the features of Third Street Promenade, the first name that will come is ‘public art.’ This is about topiary fountains and sculptures located near three blocks of the Third Street Promenade.

Also, you will get a public space for shopping and entertainment. Another common sight is street performers or entertainers. So, if you do not want to miss enjoying music, classical guitar plays, hip-hop dances, and a whole lot more, visit this place!

27. Descanso Gardens

Here we are talking about a 150-acre botanical garden that was gifted by the Spanish governor of California to Corporal Jose Maria Verdugo.

Descanso Gardens - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Descanso Gardens

You can meet a huge collection here- a Japanese garden, Oak woodland, Ancient Forest, a Lilac garden, a Center circle, and so on. Also, there is a 22-room Boddy House that was built by Manchester Boddy (American newspaper publisher and businessman) in 1937.

28. Watt Towers

Another go-to option for you when you are in LA is the Watt Towers. Can you guess what it is about? If you are a West Coast rap fan, you may hear the term ‘watts’ in many songs.

Watt Towers - Best Places to Visit in Los Angeles in 2021
Watt Towers

Basically, it is a collection of architectural sculptures, interconnected sculptural towers, and individual sculptural features. The Watt Towers were mentioned in the literature, viewed in several films, and highlighted in the TV series. Moreover, the Watt Towers is famous for its arts center.

29. Japanese American International Museum

The name itself indicates that this museum is dedicated to preserving the culture and history of Japanese Americans. What it covers is more than 130 years periods of Japanese-American history.

The current long-term exhibition of this museum is Common Ground: The Heart of community which can relate to the Japanese-American experiences. Also another moving exhibition is Sadako’s Crane.

30. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in LA and Hollywood’s only cemetery.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
Hollywood Forever Cemetery

For paying your respect to the legendary personalities of the Golden Age of Hollywood, this is highly recommended. John Huston, Rudolph Valentino, Judy Garland, and Mickey Rooney are some of the household names.

The entrance to this cemetery is free. You will find helpful tips and suggestions from the caretakers.


So, yes, these should be on your bucket list if you are going to visit LA. It’s quite challenging to make a shortlist to visit LA because of its greatness. However, each of the places can’t miss options.

Hopefully, these 30 best places to visit in Los Angeles could help you to grow your idea about LA. Be prepared for the best tour, then.

Happy traveling!

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