35 Best Places to Visit in UK : You Must Have to Check These!

35 Best Places to Visit in UKs to Visit in UK
London River

Are you about to start your trip to the United Kingdom and you don’t know what to do? In this travel guide, i will give you comprehensive details about the most interesting places to visit in the United Kingdom.

I’ll tell you which museums are the most striking, and also the locations most travelers go to. You’ll find anything that can be visited in the UK below. Don’t miss it, man!

The United kingdom is the perfect place for relaxing tourism, contemplating in its museums the masterpieces of universal culture and wandering through its immaculate green areas and lovely gardens, without overlooking the fun of its traditional pubs. Here are the best 35 places to see and do in the United Kingdom.

You may get a little overwhelmed when you arrive in London, the capital of Great Britain, because you will find a city full of interesting sights and buildings to visit. In addition, it’s a really big city. But don’t think about it. Next, we’re going to list the 30 to 35 most popular places to visit in London so that you can plan your visits without any inconvenience.

If you’re not going to spend a lot of days in London, I prefer the central part of the city where you’ll also find some of the most excellent tourist attractions.

35 Best places to visit in UK

35. Palace of Westminster

This place is iconic in London, especially for Big Ben, the world’s largest four-sided clock, located in a beautiful neo-Gothic tower that rises 96.3 meters. Westminster is the seat of both houses of the English parliament (the House of Lords and the House of Commons). It is located on the north bank of the River Thames, offering a splendid view to photograph from the south bank.

Westminster-Best Places to Visit in UK

34. Tower of London

The mythical tower is a fortress whose construction was started by William the Conqueror in 1078 and which throughout its history was a royal palace, armory and armory, royal treasury, mint, public registry, jail and even a menagerie. But its legend comes mainly from the more than 100 executions of characters from English life that took place on the same or its nearby hill, including those of Tomás Moro, Ana Bolena, Jane Gray and Catalina Howard.

33. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is another London landmark. It was initially fixed until it was made a drawbridge in the late 19th century to facilitate navigation on the Thames. Its cams of more than 1,000 tons each were lifted with pressurized water powered by steam engines. During the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, the bridge was shown when James Bond (actor Daniel Craig) led the queen and David Beckham carried the Olympic torch.

Tower-Bridge-Best Places to Visit in UK
Tower Bridge

32. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British Kings and is the first place for the English to go in times of great national crisis. The majestic building blends classical and neoclassical styles, and its beautiful gardens are the largest in the city in the residential sector. The traditional regular ceremony of changing the guards in the palace is one of the most famous activities for tourists in the summer.

Buckingham-Palace-Best Places to Visit in UK
Buckingham Palace

31. St. Paul’s Cathedral

The great fire that devastated London in September 1666, destroying its historic center, resulted in a complete rebuilding of the city, with St. Paul ‘s Cathedral being the only religious building constructed. The imposing temple dedicated to Anglican worship is in the English Baroque style, designed by the renowned architect Christopher Wren. Its dome, apse, main altar, choir and other components are fine jewels of universal art.

30. Westminster Abbey

This immense Anglican church of Gothic architecture was consecrated to Saint Peter’s. It is located next to Westminster Palace, and since 1066, when William the Conqueror was enthroned, it is the place where the English Kings are crowned and buried. More rarely is the wedding venue, the last being that of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011. Some of the people buried in the abbey are Newton, Milton, Handel, Dickens, Pope, Lord Kelvin and Laurence Olivier.

29. British Museum

The supremacy of most of the world until the middle of the 20th century allowed Britain to accumulate an enormous heritage that we can admire today in its rich and varied museums. The British Museum, one of the first in the world, houses more than 7 million objects in almost every field of culture. The Rosetta Stone, Myron’s Discobolus, the Parthenon Marbles, the Cyrus Cylinder and the Bust of Pericles are among its greatest treasures.

British Museum-Best Places to Visit in UK
British Museum

28. British Library

It takes a lot of space to store 150 million books and records, and the British Library has over 600 kilometers of book shelves, a total of 12 kilometers every year, while digital innovations have helped in recent times. There is a diary by Leonardo Da Vinci and manuscripts by James Joyce, Handel and even The Beatles. It will receive 1,200 readers at the same time.

27. Museum of Natural History

The Natural History Museum is home to the most impressive collection of minerals, animals , plants and fossils in the world. Its key parts come from the lands of Africa , Asia and the rest of the world, which were British colonies. Among the 70 million specimens, there are some made up of Charles Darwin’s personal collection, as well as the most exquisite crystallized minerals you can imagine. There are also fossils of the best known dinosaurs and animals of all sorts, from giant squid to the most modest insects.

26. Science Museum

This mid-nineteenth – century museum has 40 rooms showcasing artifacts from a wide variety of fields, including both items and documents related to classical sciences, as well as other more recent themes such as computers and space travel. You will appreciate the Apollo X command module, the oldest steam engine in existence, the first locomotive in history, and the Foucault pendulum.

25. National Gallery

The majestic National Gallery building faces Trafalgar Square and impresses tourists with its domes, halls, floors and other architectural features. As far as collection is concerned, it is comparable to that of the world’s great art sanctuaries. You will admire The Virgin of the Rocks, by Da Vinci; Sunflowers, by Van Gogh; Venus and Mars, by Botticelli; El Santo Entierro, by Miguel Ángel; the eviction of the traders, by El Greco; and hundreds of other masterpieces.

24. British National Museum of Modern Art

This London museum, best known as the Tate Modern, is situated in the old bank-side power station, which has been architecturally transformed into an art gallery. It was ranked as the most visited modern art museum in the world, backed by an outstanding array of great masters of Expressionism, Cubism, Post-Impressionism, Futurism and other currents. Some of the names in the rooms are Picasso, Max Ernst, Chirico and Gerhard Richter.

23. Victoria and Albert Museum

This museum, named in memory of Queen Victoria and her cousin and husband, Prince Albert of Saxony-Coburg-Goth, is dedicated to fine and decorative arts. It has 145 galleries showing paintings , sculptures, engravings, sketches, portraits, ceramics and glass. Similarly, the collection of furniture, clothes, weapons, armor and decorative elements makes it one of the most comprehensive museums of its kind.

Victoria-and-albert-museum-Best Places to Visit in UK
Victoria and albert museum

22. Madame Tussauds Museum

This museum is renowned for its wax figures and is named after a French revolutionary who was a genius wax sculptor and was spared by a last minute pardon from the guillotine. Replicas of the severed heads of Robespierre and Marat, created by Madame Tussauds herself, are in the Chamber of Horrors of the Museum. More comfortable are the rooms devoted to the stars of movies and sports.

21. Trafalgar Square

On October 21, 1805, the British Navy defeated the combined forces of France and Spain in Cape Trafalgar. In this famous naval battle, Admiral Horatio Nelson, the military man most admired by the English, was defeated and died. Trafalgar Square is a square that commemorates the war, one of the most important squares of the British philosophy. It is ruled over by a 46-metre granite column on which stands a 5.5-metre Nelson statue. There are allegorical houses in front of the esplanade for significant representatives of the former British Empire, such as Canada and South Africa.

20. Piccadilly Circus

This iconic area of the West End of London is renowned for its neon signs, video screens, shops and entertainment venues. It was built in 1819 to connect the streets of Picadilly and Regent. Its key monument is the memorial of the Earl of Shaftesbury, a prominent philanthropist, a fountain with a statue called The Angel of Christian Charity. Other nearby attractions include the London Pavilion, originally a theatre and now a shopping centre, the Criterion Theater and many pubs and night clubs.

Piccadilly-circus-Best Places to Visit in UK
Piccadilly Circus

19. Royal Opera Theater

The headquarters of the Royal Opera Company and the Royal Ballet of England were built in the mid-19th century and reconstructed in the 1960s. It’s also named Covent Garden, after the well-known London neighborhood where it’s situated. The Royal Opera House is host to almost 2,300 spectators. Opposite the building on Bow Street is the sculpture Young dancer by 20th century British-Italian artist Enzo Plazzotta.

18. Royal Albert Hall

It is a well-known concert and entertainment hall linked to high culture and pop culture. It is named after Prince Albert of Saxony, husband of Queen Victoria, who was its main promoter towards the end of its short life, as a center for the arts and sciences. On its stage they have passed from Pavarotti and Plácido Domingo, to Led Zeppelin and Lady Gaga. Circus performances are frequently held and it is the location for graduation ceremonies for some prestigious London colleges.

Royal Albert Hall-Best Places to Visit in UK
Royal Albert Hall

17. Royal Greenwich Observatory

If you want to know the main time reference in the world, near London is Greenwich, place of the famous meridian. You may be disappointed to see that it is only a piece of metal that indicates the point of zero hours, zero minutes, zero seconds. What if you will not be disappointed is its magnificent exhibition of astronomical objects, in which you can appreciate the evolution of the telescope from Galileo and other pieces of interest. You can go by land, but we recommend doing it by boat on a picturesque walk across the Thames.

16. London Underground

It is almost impossible to get to know London without using its metro, the first in history, but the Underground must also be visited as one more cultural attraction. It mobilized its first passengers on January 10, 1863, between Paddington and Farringdon Street, with a steam locomotive pulling the carriages. The great novelty put more than 40,000 people to travel, just that first day. It currently has 11 lines and the Underground map and the ticket according to your stay are two of the first things you should buy in London. The stations are spaces for art.

15. City of London

It is the world’s most famous square mile for international business. The main banks, insurers, reinsurers and other companies of high finance and commerce have their headquarters in these 2.6 square kilometers that were the nucleus of modern London. Before it was made up of classical buildings; now futuristic towers coexist with old mansions. It came to have so much power and autonomy that for a time it had its own laws. You have to take a ride through the great financial engine of Europe.

14. Soho

It’s another square mile, between the West End and Westminister, but not about big money but about entertainment, although it has changed its profile over time. It started out as a place for fun, famous for its nightlife and its “sex shops”, but now expensive shops and restaurants are mixed with leisure venues and residential areas. One of its best known places is Chinatown, the city’s Chinatown.

Carnaby-Street-Soho - Best Places to Visit in UK
Carnaby Street Soho

13. Botanical Garden

The Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew is in south-west London, between the boroughs of Kew and Richmond Upon Thames. It began as a garden for exotic plants in the 18th century and currently covers an area of ​​120 hectares, including huge greenhouses. Its most emblematic places are the Temperate House, the Palm House, the House of the Water Lilies and the Great Pagoda, a beautiful structure in Chinese architecture, 50 meters high.

12. Kensington Gardens

These beautiful 110-acre public gardens were originally the private gardens of Kensington Palace, housing members of the British royal family, though not monarchs. It features groves, open green lawns, a large lake, artificial fountains, beautiful bridges, sculptures, and the Albert Memorial, a neo-Gothic memorial to Prince Albert.

11. Hyde Park

It is another royal park, one of the largest in the city, located next to Kensington Gardens, so they can be considered as a single space. It was opened in 1851 during the Great Exhibition of London, conceived by Queen Victoria to show the vigorous industrial development of the United Kingdom. From that occasion dates the magnificent original Crystal Palace, sadly destroyed by fire when it had been transferred to another district. Apart from being a place to relax in its green areas and wide bodies of water, it is the frequent scene of concerts and demonstrations.

10. London Zoo

The London Zoo is the second oldest in the world after Vienna. It was opened to the public in 1828. One of its great attractions is the aquarium, the first in history of a public nature. In fact, in this establishment the noun “aquarium” was invented (previously it was said “aquatic nursery”). He is also highly admired for his architectural designs for animals. It was the location of the funny scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in which a huge snake escapes from its closed chamber.

09. London Eye

The London Eye is fast becoming the modern symbol of the city. The “Millennium Wheel”, at 135 meters, was the tallest in the world at the time of the last turn of the millennium, although eager Londoners had to wait until March 2000 to get on it. Another of its curiosities is that its 32 air-conditioned cabins do not hang from the structure as in most of the ferris wheels, but are attached to the outer surface of the wheel. It is a magnificent attraction, which will allow you to have Greater London at your feet.

08. Wembley Stadium

Football was born in England and one of its great temples is Wembley Stadium, first the old and now the new. The old one opened in 1923 and all the great footballers of the 20th century passed through its lawn, including those who participated in the 1966 World Cup. In 2002, the father gave way to the son, the New Wembley, with a majestic design of the famous English architect Sir Norman Foster. 90,000 noisy fans can fit in the matches and if you can’t be one of them, you have the option of taking the tourist tour.

Wembley Stadium-Best Places to Visit in UK
Wembley Stadium

07. Fish and Chips!

In the past, English cuisine was a point against the country and London. Now nobody worries about how badly they will eat in England, because of the large number of high-class restaurants and food chains in the city, of all cuisines and for all budgets. But as it is always good to try the local food, we recommend some Fish and Chips, the popular dish of fried white fish with potatoes, which you can even eat in a disposable bowl, walking down the street.

06. Pub night!

Although the English have been drinking Ale beer since the Bronze Age, the bars in their current concept were brought by the Romans. The typical English pub emerged several centuries later and the concerned King Edgar decreed in 965 that there could only be one in each town. Now there are more than 60,000 in all of Great Britain and you will only need one to get to know its environment and taste the two national drinks, gin and beer.

05. Dunluce Castle

Dunluce-Castle-Best Places to Visit in UK
Dunluce Castle

04. The Cotswolds

03. The Scilly Isles

Hugh-Town-The Scilly Isles-Best Places to Visit in UK
Hugh Town The Scilly Isles

02. Holkham Beach, Norfolk

01. London Eye

London Eye-Best Places to Visit in UK
London Eye

Travel Guide  & Some Essential tips for traveling to the UK

With this guide of tips for traveling to the United Kingdom we want to help you organize your trip to one of the most visited and complete countries in the world, in which we are sure, you will find everything you are looking for and also, it will exceed all your expectations.
With cities as cosmopolitan as London, postcard landscapes like those of Scotland or Northern Ireland and towns that seem out of a story, like those of The Cotswolds, travel to England or any of its three constituent nations more, Scotland, Wales and Ireland del Norte, is a success every day, whatever the season and whatever the duration of your trip.

What is the best time?

Although as in many destinations in Europe we would dare to say that any time is good to travel to the United Kingdom , it is true that it is worth taking into account different aspects, especially climatic, to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

High season (from June to October): this is the most popular time, due to good weather forecasts, and therefore the most expensive.

Mid season (from March to May, September and October): although prices are lower, the probability of gray and rainy days means that this is not the best time to organize a trip to the United Kingdom.

Low season (from December to February): except for the month of December in London, in which Christmas is experienced in a very special way, these months are usually cold and gray, so they would be the least recommended to make this trip.

  • Entry requirements to visit in UK

If you are a European Union (EU) citizen, you only need your ID or passport to enter the United Kingdom, although it is always advisable to carry both documents. Remember that the United Kingdom does not belong to the Schengen area so you will have to pass controls to enter the country. If you have another nationality, it is important to check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Embassy to have the data updated.
Remember that due to the current uncertainty with Brexit and the UK leaving the EU, it is very important to have updated data before traveling to the UK.

In addition to the discussed documents, it is very necessary to travel with the European Health Card to have medical assistance if necessary and especially in the United Kingdom and depending on what happens with Brexit, to have the best travel insurance for Europe if you want have medical assistance in the best hospitals in addition to including repatriation if necessary.

  • Security system of UK

We can say that traveling to the United Kingdom is totally safe, although as in any destination in the world it is important to do it with common sense and avoid leaving valuables unattended, especially in very touristy and crowded places, in large cities like London, it is advisable to ask in the accommodation if there is an area that is not recommended, especially at night and if you have rented a car, try not to leave valuables in sight.

Another tip for a trip to the United Kingdom is to take a copy of all the important documentation such as ID, passport, travel insurance policy etc., in the cloud, so that in case of loss or theft, you can carry out the formalities of a much easier way.

  • How to start the journey?

The first and most important thing is to determine if your trip to the United Kingdom will be to visit a specific city or area of ​​the country or to make a route, in order to know how many days you should have and above all, which city you should take as your gateway. Input and output.
In general, London is usually a good gateway, used by many travelers, even if whatever your decision is, we recommend you use flight search engine, with which you can have the best deals at the best prices.

Once you have the flight, the next point will be to book the accommodation, especially if you are going to travel to the United Kingdom in high season. We recommend you check hotel search engine where you will find the best options at the best prices.
In case you are going to make a route through the country and although it can be done by train or bus, if they are tourist routes, for which we recommend you check prices, schedules and even make a reservation , the most appropriate thing would be to rent car in the United Kingdom , if you want to visit the most housed places of the most tourist spots, in order to have total freedom of schedules and movements.

And last, but not least, when traveling to the United Kingdom it is very interesting to review the tours or excursions you want to do, especially if you are going to do one of the most popular ones such as the Harry Potter Tour at Warner Studios or the Excursion to Loch Ness and the Highlands.

  • Money exchange

The currency of the United Kingdom is the British pound (GBP) and currently the equivalent is 1 Dollar =0.78 pound and 1 euro = 0.91 British pounds .
Despite the fact that for a long time the currency exchange at our home bank or the exchange at the airport or exchange agencies has been considered the most favorable option and even the only options, with the consequent disbursement of commissions, in many Abusive occasions, we, after many trips, have chosen to use the best card to pay that gives you a good commission, you can check google to learn more.
You can find more information in this article about the best cards to travel without commissions.

Remember that when traveling to the UK, it is also necessary to carry cash to be able to make payments in businesses that do not accept cards or for tips and that in businesses where you do not see much security, it is always preferable to pay with cash.


Hope you enjoy the guide and try to find your next travel destination. Traveling is undoubtedly a source of wisdom. An investment in which you have nothing to lose. A gift for those who work hard for their dreams, and an irreplaceable opportunity to know other cultures, traditions and ways of seeing life.

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