it luggage Skulls II Review | 3-Piece Set | Sleek Design with a Unique Look

it luggage skulls II
it luggage skulls II

Who doesn’t love to travel, but sometimes it can be stressful without all the things you need. You need a perfect travel companion that is luggage to carry them. We’ve reviewed a 3-piece set of IT luggage skulls II here today.

it luggage Skulls II Review - Hardside Expandable Spinner, Black, 3 Piece Set
it luggage Skulls II

IT luggage skulls II features a long-lasting, lightweight and sleek design with a unique look. Its bright pink and black pinstripe liners bring the look to a whole different level. It’s also easy to spot for its unique design.

No matter what surface you’re on your spinning wheels, it works like magic. You can take it in whatever direction you want to have four wheels. Even if your luggage becomes heavy due to extra belongings, your wheels will not put any pressure on your shoulder while pushing or pulling your luggage.

Its three different sizes will cover you for every short and long journey. If you’re someone who likes to pack over, you’re going to find a great interior space and an expandable extra space. Its durable and high quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.

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Why Choose IT luggage Skulls II?

Durability, large interior space, and maneuverability make your luggage the best. To get the best out of your luggage, all these features are a must. Let’s see what makes IT luggage worth and why you should try it out.


Those who love the unique design of their luggage will find the IT luggage skull sets outstanding. Its skull and rose look printed on the front make it look very unique. But it’s not ideal for those who like simple design luggage for them. It’s also lined with orange and black pinstripe, it’s bright. The unique design of the skull and the bright linen will help you easily identify your luggage in a crowded place.

The construction of the hard case is done by ABS. ABS is a lighter material than any other that makes this luggage lightweight but durable. It features X-straps to make sure your goods stay in place. Due to the hard-case design, the luggage has a split opening that allows you more space than the lid openings. The hard case ensures that your belongings are secure inside and that it also lasts for a long time due to its high-quality , durable materials.

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Wheels of luggage have become a very important feature. IT luggage is constructed with four wheels. The wheels allow you to push or pull the luggage, you can also take it alongside if you want. The 4 wheeler luggage is simply known as spinners because the wheels can move 360 °. 2 wheeler luggage can only slide but as it has four wheels so it can glide as well as slide. These wheels allow you to move in any direction you want.

it luggage Skulls II Wheels
it luggage Skulls II Wheels

The construction of 4 wheels makes it easy to carry, as it puts less pressure on your shoulder. The construction of 4 wheels makes it easy to carry, as it puts less pressure on your shoulder. You can easily move even in tight spaces, thanks to these wheels. If you over-pack your luggage and it becomes heavy, even then you can easily carry it as it rolls, without facing any difficulties.


The weight of the luggage depends on the type of material used to make it. Hard-sided luggage is mainly made from ABS or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate made luggage is heavier than ABS made luggage. ABS itself is light and that luggage is built using ABS they are mostly lightweight.

Heavy pieces of luggage are generally durable, but when flying in an airplane with luggage there can be a problem with heavy luggage as they have weight limits. So if you fly more frequently then IT luggage is perfect for you as it is made using ABS and it is lightweight.


We use luggage to carry our belongings, so more interior space means we can carry more with us. All 3 sizes of IT pieces of luggage provide great interior space, thanks to its hard-sided design. Due to hard-sided design it has a clamshell opening that provides a large space and room to package.

it luggage Skulls II Inside Space
it luggage Skulls II Inside Space

It also has a zipper flap inside of the luggage that allows you to store two pairs of shoes, or you can carry other belonging there easily that stays there secure and stored nicely.


IT luggage provide great interior space but even if you need more space it can always expand. You can unzip the middle part of the bag and it allows you 25% extra space. On that extra space, you can store more without losing the stability of the luggage.

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So no worries about packing those last- minute presents as you now have extra expandable storage capacity.


It offers a set of 3 different sizes:

21” Domestic carryon– The size of the luggage is a bit compact but is quite popular among the travelers as you can carry it anywhere, in airways.

28” Large checked– Due to large space it is quite a popular size of luggage for checking. You can easily carry two people’s belonging in this luggage. If you are planning to visit somewhere with family, then you should consider checking one or two of this size luggage to know if it is easier to carry around than the larger one.

32” Extra-large checked– This size suitcase is very large but features huge storing capacity. It may feel awkward to bring this size of luggage to any short tour or trips. But before flying with extra-large checked luggage, make sure the airways permits it as it can exceed the weight and size limit of some airways’ standards.

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Key Features

  • Central opening for organized packing.
  • Contemporary trolley system.
  • Easy grab handles.

    it luggage Skulls II handles
    it luggage Skulls II handles
  • Skull and rose printed front side of the luggage.
  • ABS emboss made on the hard case.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Strong and rigid wheels.
  • Big interior.

What we liked most:

  • Four wheels to move into any direction
  • ABS makes it durable and lightweight
  • X-straps for a secure hold of the belongings
  • Very unique and sleek design
  • Clamshell opening for extra-large space
  • Expandable from the middle
  • Secure-zip locks
  • Large interior space
  • Comes in a set of three different sizes
  • Hard-side design

What could be better:

  • No TSA locks

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question: Can I buy the small one only?
  • Answer: No, it is not sold separately. The luggage comes in a set. A set contains three sizes. The big one is 32 inches, the medium one 28 inches and the small one is 21inches in size.
  • Question: Do the wheel’s spin 360°?
  • Answer: Yes, it does. All pieces of luggage have four wheels constructed that allow them to move in any direction.

What’s Next?

If you are someone who likes the unique design and in need of high-quality lightweight luggage, then you should give IT luggage a try.

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Also if you fly a lot then its carry on size will accompany you wherever you go. Its good and high-quality rolling wheels are always there to help you carry your belongings more easily than ever. Its three different sizes of luggage are ideal for carrying your belongings for different needs. Hope you enjoy the it luggage skulls II review.

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