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Maxim Original Korean Coffee Mix || Which one you need to choose?

Maxim Original Korean Coffee Review

Hey, my name is Matthew, and I am currently in South Korea. Today I’m going to reveal which instant coffee mix you can get when you first arrive in Korea. Usually, I am unable to begin my day without coffee. In this case, when I first arrived in Korea about three months ago, I needed to go to a coffee shop every time. Then, in order to save time, I am considering buying some instant coffee mix. But there are numerous brands and flavors to choose from. So, I was perplexed. However, I have now tried most of the flavors and brands. So, I’m going to tell you about my experience. Hopefully, it will be useful to you as a foreigner in South Korea.

Today’s discussion is the maxim original Korean coffee mix. Maxim is one of Korea’s most popular coffee brands. They have a variety of flavors for instant coffee mix.

Mocha Gold Mild Coffee Mix || Maxim Original Korean Coffee

Maxim Original Korean Coffee is the most widely used. This coffee flavor is well-balanced in every way. If you want to drink a coffee with all things balanced, such as sugar, you should try this one. Maxim Yellow Coffee is Korea’s national coffee. There is no one who does not know about this mixed coffee if you are a Korean. They can be found all over Korea. Normally, I drink an Americano, but when I’m stressed or tired, I crave a sweet mocha gold. I rip it apart, soak it in hot water, and take a bite, and the fatigue of the day vanishes. Coffee has many health benefits, but one of the most important is that it contains antioxidants. I have a polyphenol, which contains polyphenols aging and various powerful antioxidants that can eliminate free radicals in the culprit illnesses. In general, one cup contains nearly three times the polyphenols found in wine coffee, tea, and was tired sleepy drink coffee waking up somehow feel better. The reason for this is that the caffeine in coffee causes increased secretion of hormones that provide energy to the body in less than one cup if you drink three cups of coffee per day. There was also a study that found that those who drank coffee had half the risk of dying. However, because the amount of caffeine absorbed varies from person to person, if you drink the appropriate amount for your constitution, you can protect your health from coffee. Because coffee contains a high concentration of polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid, moderate coffee consumption can help prevent depression, dementia, and cancer. You should consume food in moderation. I like coffee and coffee beans so much that if I don’t eat them, I get a headache, and I think I’m a little addicted to caffeine, but if I get healthy, my health is very good. It is high in good cholesterol and low in bad cholesterol. I enjoy coffee and eat it in moderate amounts. The beans themselves are very healthy, but the coffee mix contains a lot of sugar, so eat only a little; I’m not a big coffee fan, but Maxim Mocha Gold Mild has a deep and soft scent, so I always keep it at home. There are also coffee beans and other instant coffees. You can easily remove it by tearing the perforation line at the bottom. Because it is an EASY CUT type, it is easily torn if the perforation line is torn off by hand without the use of any other tools.

Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix

Because my father was showing early signs of diabetes, I purchased a coffee mix that did not contain sugar or xylose sugar. So, I was looking at different products again, and I discovered that Maxim White products contain xylose sugar, you can call it maxim gold instant coffee. I’d eaten white before, but I had no idea it was xylose sugar. Hehe, I looked up xylose sugar and placed my order right away.

Taste: The flavor is very similar to the coffee mix we are familiar with. There may be subtle differences, but I didn’t notice a significant difference in my taste, but I thought the white finish was a little off and clean. It felt good to feel less stuffy after eating it. The aftertaste is a little squishy, which I assumed was due to the xylose sugar. I also tried sugar alcohol-containing products, but if the sugar alcohol was too bland, this product was a little higher in the middle between sugar alcohol and sugar. I believe it is a product with few dislikes.

Xylose Sugar: Rather than regular sugar, this product contains xylose sugar. Xylose sugar is a product that is made up of 9 sugar and 1 xylose, and it is believed that xylose slows the rate of sugar absorption. The GI of regular sugar is 64, but the GI of xylose sugar is 49. In general, if it is 55 or less, it is considered a significant decrease due to the low GI.

However, the xylose + sugar ratio in this product is not stated separately, but I believe it is 9:1. The xylose ratio is not significantly different between 9:1 and 8:2. Please keep this in mind when purchasing xylose sugar / maxim gold instant coffee.

General: As a reviewer, it is a product that tastes like regular coffee mixes while also reducing GI concerns. The sweetness and creamer flavor are still present. I did not order it again because I didn’t notice a significant difference from the Yellow one, but I did reorder it because it contains xylose sugar, and I believe I will primarily buy white products in the future.

Maxim Original Black Stick Coffee

Maxim Original Korean Coffee is always on the menu. It is delicious. I like how subtle the scent is. It’s absolutely delicious. The original Americano has a sweet flavor. I believe I know this product from the beginning to doubt the beginning is good, which is why I have a clean taste. I want to eat iced coffee because I am a black coffee maniac, so the money I bring to a cafe is too valuable. I can eat for a month on 9,690 won or 10,000 won for 100 pieces. You can eat it deliciously if you add 40% more water than regular coffee. I followed the instructions exactly, but is it too weak for my taste? I eat it with a shot. When I eat one more stick, the flavor is clean and pleasant. It claims to be made entirely of imported coffee beans. Because it is made of sticks, it is easy to burn without becoming soggy.

Maxim Arabica 100 Coffee Mix

Sweet, not dark, latte-drinking individuals are mainly recommended. Those who dislike sweet Yuna or original maxim korean mocha coffee should try this!! As a reference, daily Mild Cafe sold in convenience stores as a reference also like – “Arabica 100 Mix coffee, but drink is delicious itself. If you think the flavor is too strong, add less water and adjust the concentration with milk. It is softer and more delicious if you drink it with about 1 tablespoon.

I almost always drink it with a splash of milk.

Taste comparison of coffee Mix

-Arabica 100: If you like strong coffee, this comic blend is for you!!

– Maxim Original: It is less intense than Arabica 100, but it has a flavor that reminds me of something.

-Nescafe Fresh Rich: This coffee is rich and slightly sweet.

-Nescafe Fresh Mocha: I dislike it because the flavor is cloudy. -Today Coffee: I enjoy drinking Americano because it is thick. By combining ice and milk, you can make an iced latte. It’s so good that I buy two and drink one after plowing.

I hope this helps you choose a coffee mix. It is thick and delectable * * Tips on how to eat deliciously!!

It is fine to drink the Arabica 100 coffee mix as is, but from time to time, I add a small amount of milk to all the mixed coffee (about 1Ts or so) and drink it. The mixed coffee softens and tastes better.

* I always mix 100 Arabica with milk. I am drinking it with a hint of heat. It is delicious because it’s thick and soft. This is one of my favorite maxim original korean coffee mix.

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Common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Where is Maxim Coffee made?

Answer: Maxim Coffee is a brand owned by the Korean food company, Dong Suh Foods Corporation, and is produced in South Korea.

Question: What are the ingredients in Maxim Coffee?

Answer: The ingredients in Maxim Coffee can vary depending on the variety, but generally include coffee powder, creamer, and sugar. Some varieties may also include additional flavorings or additives.

Question: Is Maxim Coffee instant coffee?

Answer: Yes, Maxim Coffee is a brand of instant coffee, which means it is made from coffee powder that has been freeze-dried or spray-dried to create a soluble form that can be easily prepared by adding hot water.

Question: Does Maxim Coffee contain caffeine?

Answer: Yes, Maxim Coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural stimulant found in coffee beans. The amount of caffeine can vary depending on the variety of Maxim Coffee.

Question: Is Maxim Coffee vegan-friendly?

Answer: It depends on the variety of Maxim Coffee. Some varieties may contain milk powder or other animal-derived ingredients, while others are made with plant-based ingredients and are suitable for vegans. Check the ingredients list on the packaging to determine if a specific variety is vegan-friendly.

Question: What are the health benefits of Maxim Coffee?

Answer: Like all coffee, Maxim Coffee contains caffeine, which can provide a temporary boost of energy and alertness. Some varieties may also contain additional ingredients like ginseng, which is believed to have health benefits like reducing stress and improving cognitive function. However, it’s important to consume coffee in moderation as excessive caffeine consumption can have negative effects on health.

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